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Moulds: What Causes Them?

Moulds are a form of fungus that grows on the surface of moist objects in dry and cold environments. They can grow on things, such as wood, paper, fabrics, and more. 

A high level of mould infestation can cause health risks and damage your home or business. Thus, it’s crucial to remove them before they reach this level.

The size of a mould infestation can vary. It depends on:

  1. how much moisture is available in your home or building
  2. the amount of time the item has been in contact with water or dampness
  3. and from what kind of material the item is made. 

In addition, water damage can also cause moulds to grow inside walls, ceilings, and floors. Some other familiar sources of mould infestation include:

  •  Clogged roof gutters
  •  Poorly sealed windows and doors
  •  Wet basement walls and floors
  •  Damp carpets and drywall 

Furthermore, some species of mould also produce allergens that can trigger asthma attacks and other breathing disorders. It has been known that some moulds produce thousands of different chemicals.

What Most People Don’t Know About Mould

Many people think that cleaning up mould affected items is enough to clean away the problem. However, it’s not always the case. Scrubbing only the surface increases the likelihood of further mould growth. Hence, it’s difficult to remove all the spores in the affected area.

Moulds can produce spores when they reproduce. The spores are invisible to our eyes and spread quickly through air currents in your home or business. The best way to identify mould spores is through the use of a microscope.

What To Do If You Suspect You Have Mould?

You must take action if you believe you have a mould problem. To begin with, you should have your property evaluated by an expert as soon as possible. Hence, the expert can determine if it is affected and what type of mould.

Once you know the problem, you’ll need to act fast to prevent further damage and health problems. If you need mould remediation in Brisbane or nearby suburbs such as Ipswich, Toowoomba or Gold Coast, Reztor Restoration can help.

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There are several different mould remediation techniques that we can use to deal with a mould problem, and it’s all going to come down to a few key factors.

  1. The size of the affected area
  2. The amount of moisture that’s been present in the affected area
  3. The material that the affected area is made of
  4. The amount of time that has passed since the mould formed in the affected area

We will come up with a method that suits your situation. Our services range from emergency response to remediation.

Dry Spore Removal

In areas that have been affected by mould, we usually begin by cleaning the site and removing the mould spores. We’ll spot clean the spores if we detect even a slight amount. Our technicians will then use HEPA-filtered vacuums to remove any remaining spores from your property.

Wet Spore Removal

Spores left in a wet environment can begin to grow in a matter of months. If the affected area has been damp for a long time, we need to remove the water and dry it out. 

It’s usually a good idea to remove water from a mould-affected area as soon as you can. Then, we’ll use dehumidifiers and high-velocity fans to pump out all of the excess moisture. Finally, we’ll clean the affected area and use high-velocity vacuums to remove any remaining spores.

Sealing The Affected Area

Once we remove all of the excess water and spores from the affected area, we’ll recommend you seal off the site. We recommend this for two reasons:

  1. To prevent further water or moisture from getting into the affected area, which would only promote the growth of more mould
  2. To prevent water-based mould stains on your walls, floors, and ceilings from reoccurring in the future

For this purpose, epoxy or polyurethane-based sealants are best. They’re both completely waterproof and can’t be penetrated by any water-based liquids.

In addition, we can also recommend you regular maintenance schedules for the affected area to make sure that mould doesn’t grow back again in the future. 

Finally, we can advise you of regular cleaning schedules or treatment procedures to avoid a reoccurrence of the problem in the future.

Emergency Response

Whether you suspect that you have a mould problem or need immediate mould remediation services, we can help. Otherwise, we can send a team out in a matter of hours and ensure that your property and surrounding areas are in good shape.

We will find the affected area in our extensive fleet of equipment. Reztor Restoration also provides our professional staff with the best vacuums and equipment. Therefore, we can quickly locate, remove, and seal any mould spores.

Wrapping Up

Having a mould problem can be harmful to your health and your family. It can also cause severe damage to your property. Furthermore, if not dealt with immediately, mould can spread quickly and cause even more damage to your property.

Identify if you have a mould problem in your property to avoid the impacts of mould on you. Then, take action the moment you notice the problem to prevent further damage from occurring in the future. That is where Reztor Restoration comes in handy.