Act Now Before That Nasty Spill Becomes
An Ugly Stain!

Anyone with kids, pets or a busy life knows how it feels to see a horrible spill, smear or mark on prized rugs, carpets or furniture. Your heart sinks. It’s devastating. How are you going to remove the offending mark before it becomes a permanent stain?

Reztor’s stain removal experts have the know-how, equipment and stain-removing chemicals to extract even the most stubborn spill.

But there’s one ingredient that is entirely up to you: time!

Every second counts. Even the two minutes you spend reacting to the stain (mumbling profanity, crying, yelling etc.) is critical. That’s time better spent calling Reztor and ensuring your carpet or furniture is restored to its previous condition. 

Don’t wait another second. If you’ve just noticed a stain caused by any of the following, you need to call Reztor now



Dirt and mud

Nail Polish

Pet urine or faeces

Coffee or tea

Grease or oil







Tamato Juice



Forget The Home Remedies And Life-hacks. Stain Removal Is A Science!

Unless you’re very experienced in removing a particular type of stain, you would have to be incredibly lucky to stumble upon a quick fix. The fact is, every stain has biological components, and only a stain removal expert knows the right tools and chemical solutions to target every type of stain. 

The rule is simple: with the right solution and swift application, most stains can be removed. The wrong solution is almost guaranteed to make the stain permanent, and in many cases, worse!

Reztor’s IICRC trained technicians have seen every type of stain. As soon as we’ve assessed the spill, we’ll apply the right chemicals to break it down and use the latest steam cleaning equipment to extract it.

To you, it’s a tragedy. To us, it’s all in a day’s work!

It Looks Terrible, But The Odour And Health Risks Could Be Even Worse!

When a stain sets in, bacteria can begin to breed. Once your stain becomes an organic living thing (yuck!), it’s more likely to create foul odours and bacteria that can be harmful to the people and pets you love.

Chemicals aren’t enough. Even if you succeed in breaking down the stain, your vacuum cleaner and towels won’t be adequate extraction tools. Steam cleaning is the go-to method for removing the most stubborn stains.

Reztor has the latest steam cleaning equipment and the qualified technicians to operate it expertly. 

Beat that stain, protect your family and extend the life of your carpets and furniture.

Call Reztor now for a quick, cost-effective solution.

Is It Too Late To Save Your Carpet, Rug Or Furniture?
It’s Not Over Till We Say It’s Over

In a busy home with plenty of people, pets and traffic, anything can happen. Naughty pets pee behind furniture, kids cover up their spills, and adults sometimes think they’ve done enough to remove a stain… until they see it the next day! 

The spill may have set in, but the battle’s not over yet! If there’s the slightest chance the stain can be removed, Reztor has the skilled technicians to do it. Challenge us. We love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

Our Tools And Chemicals Are Advanced
- The Process Is Simple!

Even if the stain has set in, it will continue to get worse with every minute you wait. Call Reztor asap to minimise the damage and likelihood of bacterial growth.

Reztor uses a wet vacuum or small spotting machine to remove the liquid spill before it does more damage.

You won’t find our cleaning agents on supermarket shelves. We use professional chemicals tailor-made to fight particular stains and bacteria.

Using state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment, we can extract extreme stains. Our clients are usually stunned by the fantastic results.

Don’t Wait! There Isn’t A Second To Lose.

The life of your rug, carpet or furniture is on the line. Get a Reztor certified technician to your property, and we’ll breathe life back into your prized carpets and furniture.

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