The Odour Control Experts Who Investigate, Hunt Down And Eliminate Pet Odours and Musty Smells!

Do you walk into a room each day, take a sniff and yell, WHAT IS THAT?! Foul odours can follow you for months, disrupting business, ruining morale and literally making you sick. They can haunt every minute of your day or come and go mysteriously, making it incredibly difficult to find the origin of the stench.

Why put up with it? If you’re suffering from any of the following foul smells, just call Reztor, and we’ll destroy the odours once and for all.>

Pet Urine

A breeding ground for bacteria, and once it sets in, the odour is almost impossible to remove


Pungent oils and scents that seep into any porous material and intensify overtime

Cigarette smoke

Wafting odours absorbed by drapery and carpets and slowly released to provide the ultimate in second-hand smoke


The most unpopular smell in any office and a common issue in homes thanks to rotten food and spills

Musty or Mouldy odours

The most unhealthy of all smells, courtesy of odorous bacteria growth

Reztor’s IICRC-certified specialists operate the latest odour control machinery, including air filters, air scrubbers and ozone generators. We’ll eliminate pet odours, musty smells and any mysterious stench that has been frustrating you for weeks.

It’s Not Just Unpleasant
- Foul Odours Are Literally Making You Sick

If you can smell it, you’re breathing it. That means you’re inhaling smoke, mildew, mould, food or urine fumes. And you’re doing it thousands of times each day! If the odour is at home, your family’s health is at risk. At work, the disruptions and poor morale could pale in significance to the mounting number of sick days. It could even lead to litigation.

Reztor’s odour control technicians are expert investigators and liquidators who sniff out the worst odours, hunt them down and eliminate them. Why spend months of discomfort in a space that’s slowly making you sick?


That Mystery Smell Is Bad
For Your Brand And Bad For Business

The disruptions and effect on morale are damaging enough, but what will your clients and partners think when they get a whiff of that smell? You may not be in control of the odour, but anyone who experiences it will judge you.

Reztor understands how important your reputation is because we’ve built a great brand perception. It took us 20 years, and we wouldn’t risk it for anything. Our top odour control technicians will treat your odour issue with the seriousness and urgency it deserves. The odours that have been frustrating you for weeks will be identified and removed economically and quickly.

So why wait? Reztor’s top technicians are ready to kill the odour, make your workplace smell fresh, and ensure your employees are safe from harm.

Call Reztor now for a quick on-site assessment

Australia’s Most
Advanced Odour Control Management

Every Reztor technician is trained to expertly operate some of the world’s most advanced air filters, scrubbers, ozone generators and hydroxyl generators. When it comes to effective odour control, you have to commit to investing in the best machinery, and no one can match Reztor’s massive investment in the best tools of the trade.

Reztor’s advanced technology includes:

odour control

Hydroxyl Generator

Simulating safe, reoccurring natural molecules, UV rays are used to cleanse the air of contaminants and odours.

odour control

Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbers

Greatly improving air quality and odour. These break down the airborne contaminants.

odour control


A powerful blend of oils release neutralising dry vapours to be diffused into the air, penetrating surrounding surfaces and nullifying odours.

odour control

Ozone Generator

Used to remove organic compounds from the air by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria that is causing the odour.

Reztor will assess your situation and consider every variable that makes your case unique. Whether it's pet odour removal or a more serious mould or mildew problem, you’ll receive a tailored odour control strategy for each job and be briefed at every stage. We’ll make sure you understand what our technicians are doing, and you will always have the final say.

Don’t put up with unpleasant and unhealthy odours.

Enjoy fresh fragrances, clean air and a healthy environment.

Call Reztor now for Australia’s most advanced odour control.




Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The best thing you can do is attend to the water damage emergency as soon as possible! We want to start the extraction and drying process to limit secondary damage as soon as we can.

id you know? The property owner’s insurance policy typically includes a clause that places an obligation on you (the property owner) to take action to reduce any further damages that could be caused by flooding? So, in the event of a water damage loss (pipe break, etc.) or flood, proper and timely drying and mitigation are necessary to stop secondary water damage and to protect you from penalties from your own insurance company.
Also, insurance companies often work with their own list of “preferred” water restoration companies. The problem with this is that the “preferred” companies are more concerned with keeping the insurance provider happy (by cutting costs), rather than fully taking care of your problem. To learn more about why it’s important to hire your own water damage restoration company, read this article.
We pride ourselves on being a customer-first company! That means we care about you and your needs, first and foremost.
So, after shutting off your water, you should immediately call us! By bringing in a reputable and professional water damage restoration company that is certified by the IICRC, you can relax knowing everything is being done to prevent secondary damage. At Reztor Restoration, we’ll also take care of any documents your insurance company may need. We create and send a detailed report to your insurance company that provides them with everything they need for your claim. It also proves that you did your part. Plus, by choosing a water damage restoration company yourself, you won’t get stuck with an insurance “preferred company” that may leave you more frustrated than you were, to begin with. 

Did you know? Sometimes an item may feel dry to the touch, but the moisture content is still too high, meaning it isn’t fully dry? Think about a time when you’ve done laundry and you pulled out a pair of pants that felt dry because they were warm, but a few hours later you reach for them and they are damp. Or, think about how much water and moisture could be trapped under your carpet, in your walls or behind your trim. You probably can’t see or feel the water, but it’s there!

Items in your home may hold moisture within them, which isn’t apparent at first touch. We make sure your property is dry properly. That’s because drying is a science! We don’t have to rely on guesswork thanks to our specialized restoration tools that tell us the exact moisture content of any item. We also use advanced moisture testing and thermal imaging to monitor the drying process. We will never leave before your property is properly dried, and we’ll always show you the proof that your property is 100% restored.

Call a water damage restoration team immediately! If your carpet is not dried sufficiently, there is a high chance that your carpet will start to smell, and mould will develop in as little as 24 hours. It is always necessary to act as quickly as possible as mould can pose severe health threats. The carpet will not dry out by itself no matter how many windows you open or fans you put on it. And no, a wet vac won’t fix it - specialised equipment is required. It is best to call Reztor Restoration as soon as possible. Our work involves extracting the water and installing top-of-the-line, professional-grade carpet drying equipment to remove all moisture from the walls, carpet, underlay, and sub-floor to try to save your property before it’s too late. We specialize in wet carpet drying, so there’s a good chance we will be able to save your carpet so you don’t have to replace it.

Yes! Thankfully, with today’s technology advancements, there is specialised drying equipment and techniques which allow us to dry the affected areas without removing your carpet and underlay. As a bonus, drying your carpet in place, from the top down, reduces the chance of shrinkage and further damage to the carpet. If you want to know more about our carpet drying services click here.

All water damage situations are unique and should be assessed to determine the best course of action. Generally speaking, the first step is to extract the freestanding water using professional-grade equipment. We then apply antimicrobial chemicals to the carpet to reduce/prevent any bacterial and mould growth. Finally, specialised equipment is installed to complete the drying process. To learn more about our carpet drying services click here.

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