We know how important it is to restore your building and business as soon as possible. That’s why our commercial restoration technician will help you throughout the process. We have the trained professionals, experience, and tools that will get the job done.

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Our specialists are highly trained to handle large loss water damage restoration and commercial water damage restoration. We have the experience you need to get your property back on track quickly!


Delaying the commercial water damage cleanup of your property is not an option. It can prove expensive. Furthermore, offices, factories, and other commercial buildings are at risk for heavy loss water damage. Therefore, you must act quickly when the damage has been done.

water restoration

FACT: Water damage can lead to dangerous microbial growth in as little as 24 hours if not adequately restored!

Tenants and employees are especially vulnerable to water damage when moulds and mildews start to form. These properties can become a serious health hazard if not handled properly.

Therefore, you need to move fast and do all that you can to minimise the damage. But note that a cleanup job is not the same thing as a restoration project. The two are very different things.

A cleanup can be done by a weekend handyman who does not have any training in this field. However, in this case, a certified professional company like Reztor will have to handle the restoration properly.

We promise to completely dry, disinfect, and restore your property in a swift, cost-effective manner.

Reztor Your
Turn-Key Solution

For Commercial Large Loss Restoration

Our commitment to your health, safety, and revenue help us provide exceptional services and hospitality. Your business is our top priority at all times!

There is far more to water damage than visible water and immediate effects. For instance, a lack of water damage restoration can lead to harmful microbial growth within 24 hours. Plus, it can lead to structural issues within a property. That can put your staff and property at risk.

Calling us sooner will improve our chances of preventing:

Microbial growth that would lead to serious health risks for your tenants and/or employees

Permanent damage to the building’s structure that would otherwise require massive amounts of money to fix and potentially put you out of business

Ongoing operational downtime that would drain money from your business with every passing hour

Don’t delay- call the commercial large loss experts now for your free estimate or immediate rapid response dispatch.

At Reztor Restoration, we care for you like you are family. We promise to restore your property like it’s our business we’re fixing.


Choosing the wrong water restoration company for your business could leave you without a business! Fortunately, we at Reztor Restoration offer our services 24/7.

Reztor Restoration is Queensland’s leading restoration company. We can guarantee to put your mind at ease and pleased with the professionalism and job we do! Unlike other companies, every project we complete will be on time and within budget.

A few reasons you’ll be grateful you chose Reztor Restoration as your preferred water damage specialists:

We only send prompt, professional, and intelligent IICRC Certified Technicians to your property, so you can expect the work to get done properly the first time. You’ll always get a detailed report for your business and insurance purposes
You will always know what is happening with your property. We vow to be transparent and give you easy-to understand explanations of what to expect and what we are doing.
We won’t oversell or overcharge you. You will only ever be charged for what is needed to get your property back to pre-loss conditions. Plus, you always have the final say on what happens.
We understand that large loss situations are stressful and scary. Even though you are in charge of a business, we know that first and foremost you are human. That’s why our compassionate staff members are here to ease your stress and make sure you know that YOU…
We have vast experience and expertise working with commercial large loss projects, meaning we understand time is of the essence. When disaster hits your business, every single hour that is spent on the restoration of your premises might be equal to hundreds…
We care about our community and local economy! You, your business, and your tenants/employees are valuable members of our community – that’s why we want to get you up and running ASAP.

Who We Help

Our extensive commercial damage restoration experience includes:

Commercial Properties

Senior Living Communities

Retail Stores/ Shopping Malls



Manufacturing Facilities/Warehouse

Apartments and Condominiums


Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, and Medical Centers

Universities and schools

Municipal Buildings

Office Buildings

List of Our Clients

There is NEVER a convenient time for water damage to strike a business - Confidently Choose Reztor Restoration To Complete Your Large Loss Restoration -Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Business Will Be Dried In The Least Possible Time With The Least Disruption As Possible!

If you have an emergency water damage situation, call the experts! You will be glad you did.


Are you having difficulty finding a company capable of handling commercial water damage? Look no further. We provide you with the best service available!

If your company does not have a preferred water damage specialist, call us. First, let’s talk about how to make us your business’ preferred partner. Then, we can assure you that your business will find our service worth the trouble.

We’re ready to tackle any and all large loss restoration situations. If your property needs additional services to ensure it’s brought back to its pre-loss condition, we’re ready to help.

Additional services include:

Emergency Response - we’re on-site within an hour

Commercial building stabilization/bracing

Bio-Hazard mitigation

Mould removal, decontamination, and restoration services

Man-made or natural disaster clean-up

Fire and smoke damage restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to completely dry my property?

This depends on several factors. Typically it takes anywhere from 3 days to a week for a property to completely dry. However, you’ll never feel left out or be left guessing when you work with us. Our technicians will take moisture readings before, during, and after the job to check progress. We will not complete a job until the moisture reading is at a level deemed acceptable by IICRC standards.

Will your equipment be noisy?

Unfortunately, yes. While we pride ourselves on having the quietest equipment available on the market, it is still quite noisy. However, we do our best to make sure you get back to your day-to-day life as soon as possible and we are always available to answer any questions you may have so we can make this process as easy on you and your family as possible.

How much will it cost?

Pricing varies due to time of the day, size of the affected area, the severity of water damage, and the water class type. To get a quote, call our offices at 1800 REZTOR

When are you available?

We are available 24/7 – 365 days! So please don’t feel bad calling us in the middle of the night or during a holiday – we are here to help you.

What should I do if water damages my carpet?

If not dried sufficiently, there is a high chance that your carpet will start to smell, and mould will develop. It is always imperative to act as quickly as possible as mould can set in approximately 72 hours after the carpet was wet. The carpet will not dry out by itself, and specialised equipment is required. It is best to call Reztor Restoration as soon as possible. Our work involves extracting the water and installing carpet drying equipment to remove all moisture from the walls, carpet, underlay and sub-floor.

Should I call Reztor Restoration first or my insurance company first?

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How do you know when the property is dry?

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What should I do if water has damaged my carpet?

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Can my carpet be dried without lifting or removing it?

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What is the process of restoring water-damaged carpet?

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