Document Drying Restoration Services

Every Second Counts! Act Now To Save Your Most Important And Valuable Documents! Call Reztor's Proven Experts For Highest Quality Document Drying Service.

Reztor is the restoration company of choice for insurance companies, businesses and homeowners. Our dedicate restoration team specialises in document drying, returning important records to a pre-loss state with sophisticated restoration equipment and an impressive in-house team of experienced document restoration professionals.

In a world of cloud storage and soft copies, there are still dozens of documents that we can’t afford to lose.

Whether they’re identification, contracts, banking documents, medical records, intellectual property or precious sentimental items, the destruction of these unique documents can have a massive impact on our lives. Reztor customers know our document drying services can perform miracles and save even the most damaged items.

If your documents are exposed to smoke, soot, water or mould, you must act now to avoid the total loss of these critical items. Even after recovery and drying, improper restoration could lead to continuing damage or the growth of mould and microbial elements.

When You Can’t Afford To Lose Important Documents, You Need Queensland’s Document Drying Specialists

We all own a surprising number of priceless documents that must be saved after floods and fire. For most people, recovery of these critical documents will be the top priority after a disaster.


Birth, marriage and death certificates

Medical records



Intellectual property

Sentimental or personal documents

Sentimental or personal documents

The Disaster Has Passed But The Damage Continues

If you are the victim of a fire or flood, the damage to your personal records is still in progress. The waters may have receded and the fire may have been extinguished, but you are now in a race against the clock to stop the destructive elements that will soon make your documents non-recoverable. Reztor may have the most advanced document drying facilities in the state, but time is our biggest obstacle. You need to act fast. 

document drying


document restoration


document restoration services


Not only are your documents still in danger of further damage – they can also turn into health hazards as organisms begin to grow and spread. You don’t have a second to lose. Call the document restoration specialists to ensure your documents are recovered, preserved, cleaned and disinfected.

Reztor is Southeast Queensland’s most experienced document restoration team. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies and will deploy a rapid response team within minutes. In most cases, certified technicians will be at your location within the hour.

Don’t trust your most precious documents with anyone except proven professionals.

How Reztor provides the most reliable document restoration service in Southeast Queensland

When you receive your documents, you may think it’s a miracle that we could restore such terribly damaged records to a pre-loss state. But for Reztor, it’s simply a matter of applying proven processes, using the right equipment, and deploying specialist staff.

Mitigate Damage

Drying Of Documents In Our Speciality Drying Room

Document The Inventory

Cleaning And Restoration Of Document

Pack Out Of Documents

Scan And Itemise Documents If Required

Transportation Of Documents

Storage Of Documents In Safe Environmen

Reinstatement Of Documents

Don’t lose hope. Your documents can still be saved. Benefit from our world-class document recovery and restoration techniques. 

Call our 24/7 customer support team now, and we’ll get technicians to your location faster than any restoration team in Queensland.

Frequently Asked Questions

The water damage restoration experts at Reztor provide both commercial and professional document drying services. We help you save documents such as:

● Photographs
● Birth, marriage, and death certificates
● Licenses
● Medical records
● Educational certificates
● Contracts
● Intellectual property papers
● Tax documents, receipts, and warranties
● Sentimental or personal documents

It may seem impossible to restore the water-damaged personal and commercial documents. However, our professionals can save you from disaster with the latest techniques. We begin with document cleaning along with the drying process. We are equipped with a specialty drying room. Our water damage restoration process for documents also includes the following:

● Inventory documentation
● Scanning & itemising (if required)
● Safe packaging and transportation of documents

It’s crucial to care for your water-damaged documents to prevent mould and further damage. 

Follow our pro tips to take care of your documents until the restoration process starts:

Collect: Collect your documents and make a list of all the documents that require restoration. If possible, separate the documents from one and the other as best you can.

Take fast actions: As quickly as you take the right action, the chances of better restoration increase. The very best thing you can do is call Reztor Restoration straight away. 

Understand the limitations: Keep in mind that not all documents can be restored. Types of damage like ink runs and spots of ink and mould are permanent. Restoration services help you dry up the documents. 

Here are the most popular techniques:
● Vacuum freeze-drying
● Gamma-ray irradiation
● Microbial disinfection
● Ultrasonic separation
● Deodorizing
● Sanitising

The restored documents should be scanned and saved digitally to prevent further damage. Digital backup also allows our customers to discard the badly damaged documents and impossible to save for a longer duration. Contact us to know more about our document water damage repair service.

Reztor Restoration is a specialist company in water damage restoration. If you have just flooded your entire house or even just have one room of wet carpet that needs to be dried. We can help! Our technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to come to your property and suck up the water and dry out your property.

Step 1: Mitigate damage and avoid further damage.

Step 2: Document the inventory.

Step 3: Pack out of the documents.

Step 4Transport and storage of documents.

Step 5 Refrigeration of water damaged documents.

Step 6: Drying and moisture testing of documents. We have a specially made desiccant air drying chamber at our facility.

Step 7: Cleaning and restoration of the documents.

Step 8: Transport back and reinstate documents.

If you want to dry your documents out yourself, the best method is to separate the wet documents and remove excess water with a paper towel (be sure that there is no ink print on the paper towel). Then leave your documents outside in the sun to dry. For books, hold them open by both covers to air-dry the pages and prevent them from sticking to one another as they dry. Try sprinkling talcum powder on the pages to prevent them from sticking.

We have a large service area including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redland Bay, Northern NSW, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions.

We are available 24/7 - 365 days! So please don't feel bad calling us in the middle of the night or during a holiday - we are here to help you.