Do You Need A Mould Inspection?

Why Suffer The Sickening Effects Of A Mould Infestation? Reztor's Mould Specialists Can Detect And Remove Any Mould Infestation!

We’ve been keeping Southeast Queensland homes free of destructive mould for 20 years. If mould is in your home, we’ll find it.

Get a mould inspection today!

You can never underestimate the economic andphysical effects of mould.

For residents or workers, inhaling tiny toxic mould spores can lead to debilitating health problems. For property owners, the destructive power of mould colonies can ruin surfaces or reach deep down into foundations, leading to expensive structural repairs. Why take the risk? A Reztor mould specialist can be at you home or office today to investigate the infestation and stop the damage. 

For the price of a quick mould inspection, you can be sure your investment is safe. Reztor’s certified technicians are the leading experts in mould detection and remediation.

The Invisible Killer - Toxic Mould Spores

Mould spreads fast via spores in the air that can be as small as a single cell. You won’t be aware of its presence in your rooms, but you may soon be aware of its effect on your health. Hiding in walls, ducts and under floors, large mould colonies may be thriving in your home. The larger the infestation, the more spores are released into the air.

Don’t wait for the first symptoms of serious illness to indicate the presence of mould. The effects are far too serious. The people you care about could be susceptible to allergies, asthma and severe respiratory illnesses. For the price of an annual mould inspection, you can ensure that the occupants of your building will breathe easy. Our mould specialists are fast and thorough. You’ll get a complete report and expert recommendations.  

Reztor has certified mould specialists who use extensive experience, superior equipment and the latest techniques to find and eliminate your mould problem.

house mould inspection

You should get a mould inspection when...

house mould inspection

1 Buying a new home

Unless the current owner provides a recent inspection report, you should add mould inspection to your due diligence list. You think you’re buying your dream home, but you may be purchasing a financial burden.

2 After water damage

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a leaky roof, burst pipe or major spill. If you didn’t thoroughly dry the affected area within 48 hours, you’ve got a problem. Trapped moisture is the perfect place for mould to multiply, and it’s the unseen crevices and gaps in your home that are ideal breeding grounds.
mould house inspection
mould inspection

3 When a building is unoccupied

Vacant homes are sealed tight and forgotten until they can be rented or sold. That makes it impossible for airflow to naturally dry moisture. The longer the building is vacant, the more likely mould will occupy it. In humid areas with warmer climates, it’s essential to inspect the building for mould.

4 After mould remediation

Once you’ve had a severe mould infestation, you need to be 100% sure you’ve eliminated the problem. A regular mould inspection will ensure that previously flooded areas are no longer a risk and that mould levels are acceptable.
mould house inspection
mould inspection

5 When you see visible signs of mould

If you’re seeing green, blue, black or white fuzz spreading across walls or floors, it’s time to see how deep your colony has spread. The signs you can see could be the tip of the iceberg. Get an inspection to reveal the true extent of the mould problem.

Reztor’s Proven Mould Inspection Process

Consult the client to find the location of existing mould, leaks and previous flooding. Learn the sources and effects of exposure to water.

mould inspection gold coast

mould inspection gold coast

Technicians check for visible signs of mould and could suggest invasive techniques if there is evidence of a severe infestation in walls or subfloors.

Collect readings from moisture meters, document the evidence of mould and take photos to create a full assessment of the issue.

Check the existing moisture in infested areas to determine if additional drying or repairs are required.

Consult the client to find the location of existing mould, leaks and previous flooding. Learn the sources and effects of exposure to water.


Breathe easy. Call Reztor now to get a free quote from an experienced mould specialist. Our technicians won’t rest until they’ve discovered the true extent of your mould problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on several factors. Typically it takes anywhere from 3 days to a week for a property to completely dry. However, you’ll never feel left out or be left guessing when you work with us. Our technicians will take moisture readings before, during, and after the job to check progress. We will not complete a job until the moisture reading is at a level deemed acceptable by IICRC standards.

Unfortunately, yes. While we pride ourselves on having the quietest equipment available on the market, it is still quite noisy. However, we do our best to make sure you get back to your day-to-day life as soon as possible and we are always available to answer any questions you may have so we can make this process as easy on you and your family as possible.

Pricing varies due to time of the day, size of the affected area, the severity of water damage, and the water class type. To get a quote, call our offices at 1800 REZTOR

We are available 24/7 - 365 days! So please don’t feel bad calling us in the middle of the night or during a holiday - we are here to help you.

If not dried sufficiently, there is a high chance that your carpet will start to smell, and mould will develop. It is always imperative to act as quickly as possible as mould can set in approximately 72 hours after the carpet was wet. The carpet will not dry out by itself, and specialised equipment is required. It is best to call Reztor Restoration as soon as possible. Our work involves extracting the water and installing carpet drying equipment to remove all moisture from the walls, carpet, underlay and sub-floor.

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