Don’t Let A Wet Concrete
Slab Ruin Your Expensive Floors - Talk To The Concrete Drying Experts

Concrete drying is a job for professional restoration experts. 

You must remove excess moisture from the slab

You may be looking down at warping timber, blistering linoleum or rippling carpets and wondering how the installation could have gone so wrong. But defective flooring may not be the issue. Most flooring problems result from moisture, and in many cases, your concrete slab may be the culprit. It’s time to get the experts from Reztor to check if you have an problem with concrete drying.

If you’re the victim of flooding, your floors are never going to be safe unless you’re sure your concrete slab is dry. Even if you replace your floors, installing carpet, timber or vinyl flooring on top of a wet concrete slab is like throwing money away. As the moisture rises, adhesives dissolve, rot sets in, and microbial bacteria grows.

Three Types Of Flooring Commonly Destroyed By Rising Moisture

Timber flooring

Rising moisture warps the timber, dissolves adhesives and breaks down the bond.

Vinyl sheet flooring

Glued seams trap the moisture and create a breeding ground for microbial growth and foul odours.

Carpet flooring

Water-based adhesives dissolve, causing delamination. Some water can escape, but excess moisture creates the perfect environment for microbial growth and malodour.

Specialised Equipment is required or your slab won’t dry for months!

For You, It’s A Complex Problem. For Reztor, It’s All In A Day’s Work

Concrete drying is a job for professional restoration experts. If you have the right equipment and techniques, it’s a straightforward process. If you’re a novice, there’s little chance your efforts will guarantee a completely dry slab. That’s why your average cleaner can’t guarantee a solution. Reztor has the most skilled certified technicians operating commercial-grade equipment that represents a considerable investment. With this powerful and advanced machinery in the hands of experienced technicians, drying concrete is no problem. 

concrete drying

Containment Chambers

Containment is the process of trapping moisture in a small area to isolate and evaporate the moisture faster and more effectively.

Non-evasive Meters And Thermo-hygrometers

This advanced water detection equipment calculates the humidity of the concrete, determining whether the humidity level is safe for your flooring.

curing of concrete
quick dry concrete

Heat Drying Equipment

We make use of specialised heat drying equipment to heat the concrete flooring creating evaporation to release the deep bound moisture from the slab.

Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

This device removes moisture more effectively by lowering the temperature of the air it processes.

fast drying concrete
curing of concrete

Air Movers

Reztor has a vast range of air movers to facilitate a faster concrete drying service.

Call Reztor now, and you’ll have a certified restoration expert at your location within two hours. Our technician will provide a thorough assessment and a written report, including the recommended concrete drying solution.

Don’t wait till the rot sets in.

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