Need 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration?

Our skilled specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Water damage can occur in your home or office if a pipe bursts, causing water all over and if you need a rapid emergency response. We will be there! Reztor Restoration is here when you need us the most.

One Wrong Choice Could Cost You Thousands

When Your Property Is At Risk, Fast & Efficient Isn’t Enough. You Need Precision, Transparency And Undeniable Expertise.

Reztor Restoration is  specialise in house flood damage clean up, business flood restoration, wet walls and wet carpet drying.

We are servicing Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redland Bay, Northern NSW, and Toowoomba regions.


Expert Solutions For Any Water Problem

Gets You The Best Insurance Payout

1HR Rapid Response + Emergency Service

Competitive No-nonsense Pricing

Exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee

You Deserve To Feel Completely Taken Care Of During a Water Damage Emergency
Without The Fear Of Other Problems Piling Up.

At Reztor Restoration, We Promise To:

Reduce stress

With our help, you can have peace of mind about the problem in your house, apartment, or business.

Restore your property

We will remove the entire affected material so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Remove risk of any secondary damage

Remove the risk of any secondary damage

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Here’s The Real Problem With Flooding, Burst Pipes, Leaks and Other Water Damage

Many people believe flood restoration is simply stopping water at its source and drying the property. However, they do not realise that even one wrong decision could:

Cause irreversible damage to your house, business or apartment.

Cause mould and life-threatening bacteria grow right on your wet walls or carpet.

Cause your insurance to reject your claim or prevent you from getting the best care for your property.

When Disaster Strikes
We Do More Than Just Clean-Up

Stress Reduction

Emergency flood damage can be stressful and disruptive. Yet, our 24-hour water damage restoration technicians are always kind, compassionate and considerate throughout the process.

Scientific Expertise

Water Detection Meters and Thermal Imaging Cameras are part of a comprehensive range of moisture detection equipment. In addition, Thermo Hygrometers are also used by our technicians.

Increased Protection

Our team can provide an immediate quotation for any recommended works required following the initial inspection. We'll begin immediately to prevent secondary damage such as mould and bacteria if approved.

Customised Solutions

For the best possible water damage restoration, you need highly trained, intelligent technicians along with the latest technology. Our service offers both to provide you with the perfect solution.

water damage

Did You Know That Most Insurance Providers Want Water Restoration Companies

To Cut Their Costs?

Don’t let the term “Preferred Contractor” fool you. You want your restoration company to be loyal to you, not the insurance companies. 

When disaster strikes, you want to get your home or property back to normal ASAP. Water damage can be truly devastating, and the sooner you take action, the better. Don’t just go with your insurance provider’s preferred restoration firm.

If You Use Your Insurance Providers Preferred Restoration Company
You Might End Up Dealing With These Issues:

Improper "Minimised" Restoration

To make insurance companies happy with the lowered cost, you might end up missing recommended upgrades or repairs.

Feeling Like Just Another Number

Most insurance companies' preferred contractors have a steady stream of restoration work, so they don't need to prove themselves to you.

Subpar Make-Safe & Workmanship

Choosing a "preferred" restoration company may not be based on merit but rather on relationship, which means it will not restore it properly.

At Reztor Restoration You Are Our Top Priority

Our water damage emergency experts assess every angle of the situation, so you and your property get top-notch care!

Transparent Planning

You'll watch your situation go from nightmare to cake-walk thanks to our 100% transparent and easy-to-understand planning.

Diligent Testing

You'll always see the proof behind what we tell you because our expert technicians conduct precision testing all along the way.

Friendly Servicing

You'll wonder why you ever considered another restoration company after talking to our friendly, always-there-for-you staff

You can feel confident knowing our expertise is unmatched!

How We'll Assess The Damage &
Get You On The Right Track

Read below to learn about our initial attendance process

Discover the source of moisture

Move personal belongings to safety

Identify the type of water

Visual water damage assessment

Moisture mapping

Put together a detailed report and estimate

Want a more detailed explanation of the restoration process?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I call Reztor Restoration first or my insurance company first?

After water damage, it’s worth calling a professional water damage restoration company first like Reztor. This is because the very best thing you can do is mitigate damage to your property. On top of this we work with insurance companies, so we know what they need. We carefully document the entire process which your insurance company will require. You will be provided with a report which includes all the information they require for your claim. So, get in touch with our professional team today for quality water extraction service!

Why call us for flood water extraction?

In case your house or business get flooded with water, call Reztor Restoration straight away. Our restoration specialists will extract flood water as fast as possible to help you to minimise damage to property and belongings for the long term. Here are the reasons to choose Reztor specialists:


  • IICRC Certified Staff
  • Experienced in coping with all kinds of water damage
  • Offer a 24/7 emergency response
  • Excellent communication explaining exactly what we are doing and why
  • We employ the kind of people that make you feel comfortable having in your home. 

Will water extraction be all that is required to dry the home?

Water extraction alone will not remove all the water from your property, as the water that may have penetrated your ceiling, walls, subflooring, and carpets will not be able to be forcefully removed with our extraction machines. Specialised drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers will be required to dry the property. 

How long does carpet water extraction take?

Our restoration experts dry your home as quickly as possible. 

They get rid of the water from it using the appropriate drying equipment. It prevents further damage and mould growth on the carpet. Usually, the water extraction from the carpet can take between 1-2 hours to suck up the water and then an additional 3-4 days of drying time.

What is the difference between water extraction (or water removal) and water mitigation?

Water extraction includes the removal of excess moisture and standing water from the property. Our experts do this with the help of powerful submersible pumps and dry/wet vacuums.


On the other hand, water mitigation is the process of cleaning, sanitising, and drying a property to reduce water damage. It can include water removal, drying the structure, eliminating irretrievable contents, applying antimicrobial disinfecting agents, etc.

Can my carpet be dried without lifting or removing it?

Yes! Thankfully, with today’s technology advancements, there is specialised drying equipment and techniques which allow us to dry the affected areas without removing your carpet and underlay. As a bonus, drying your carpet in place, from the top down, reduces the chance of shrinkage and further damage to the carpet. If you want to know more about our carpet drying services click here.

What is the process of restoring water-damaged carpet?

All water damage situations are unique and should be assessed to determine the best course of action. Generally speaking, the first step is to extract the freestanding water using professional-grade equipment. We then apply antimicrobial chemicals to the carpet to reduce/prevent any bacterial and mould growth. Finally, specialised equipment is installed to complete the drying process. To learn more about our carpet drying services click here.

How long does it take for my wet carpet and structure to dry?

This is a bit of a tricky question to answer as each situation is different. Drying time depends on the type of materials that sustained water damage, the amount of water, temperature, and humidity – so until we have come out and given you an assessment, it is impossible to give you an exact time frame. However, our goal is to dry all materials within three days unless your property has had a significant water damage event, in which case you can expect this to be closer to a week. Thankfully, you’ll never feel like you’re left in the dark when it comes to the restoration of your property- we will always keep you in the loop with whatever is happening.

Can I stay at home during the drying process?

Great question! While each situation is different, a good rule of thumb is if you are experiencing a relatively small water damage problem and you have an alternative room within the house to be in, then yes, you can stay there; however, if you are experiencing a significant water damage restoration job, then we strongly suggest you seek alternative accommodations.*

Either way, drying equipment is noisy and may make your property humid and hot. So, ultimately it will be up to you to decide on whether you will want to be in the property while the drying process is happening.

*If you need to seek alternative accommodations and you have insurance, you should speak with your insurance company about providing you with such accommodations. The documentation we provide should help you plead your case with your insurance provider.

Can I turn off the drying equipment at night?

We strongly discourage you from turning off the machines at any point, as this will prolong the drying process and cost you more money. Our drying equipment takes time to build to conditions in which evaporation will occur, therefore turning off the equipment will disrupt the drying process and may promote mould growth.

However, we understand that in some circumstances turning off the drying equipment at night is unavoidable – just please talk with us first.

How long does water extraction take?

Our restoration experts will be at your property quickly. We have commercial grade water extraction machines that will suck out the water. The time that the water extraction process will take depends on the amount of water, the types of materials the water is standing (for example, if it’s thick carpet, this will take much longer than tiles) and the obstacles in the way. If you are looking for a fast process, the best thing you can do to help is to remove any of your possessions from the floodwater.

What water extraction equipment does our professional restoration experts use?

Reztor water damage restoration experts use the latest water restoration devices for the water extraction process, such as:

  • Flood extractor vacuum
  • Water extraction pumps
  • Water Claw Flood Extractor
  • Water removal fans
  • Heavy-duty dehumidifier
  • Moisture meter, etc.

How much does water extraction cost?

Water extraction is a professional job done and completed using different methods with different tools and equipment. Simple jobs could cost around $500; however, larger jobs could cost thousands of dollars. 

We often find that most water damage claims will be put through your insurance company as it is likely insurance policy protects you from house flooding. The best thing you can do is get us out to your property quickly to extract the water, install our drying equipment and then phone your insurance provider and let them know that you have flooded and an emergency ‘make safe’ has been completed.

Do you offer a 24/7 emergency water removal service?

Yes, Reztor Restoration offers a 24/7 water extraction emergency service. Whether it be 2 am or Christmas lunch, our team is standing by and waiting for your call. 

What can fast water removal prevent from happening to my home?

Fast action regarding any water damage emergency can significantly reduce costs. 


Here’s what a rapid water extraction can reduce:

  • Wet carpet replacement
  • Mouldy Carpet Underlay Odour
  • Save furniture and Contents
  • Fix up and Repair costs
  • Mould Damage
  • Weeks of potential Demolition & Reconstruction