Are You About To Tear Up Your Carpet Due To Damage? Don't Act Before You Talk To The Best Carpet Repair Team In The Country!

Until Reztor’s carpet repair specialists assess the damage, you should assume your carpet can be saved. 

We’re the best carpet repair team in the country. We have dedicated specialists with one objective: bringing carpets back to life.

There’s nothing more tragic than a perfectly good carpet being pulled up, trashed and replaced because of one burn, stain or damaged seam. It may look bad, but how do you know it can’t be repaired? Until Reztor’s carpet repair specialists assess the damage, you should assume your carpet can be saved. 

Why? Because we save damaged carpets every day. The one thing they have in common? Every homeowner thinks their carpet is a lost cause. Surely, you can’t fix that, they say. Our answer is usually a shock, and the incredible results of our repairs come as even more of a surprise.

Replacing Your Carpets Due To Damage Is The Most Expensive Mistake You’ll Make This Year

It’s not rocket science. If you love your carpet except for one area of damage, we’ll simply apply an inexpensive invisible repair to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The key is having the techniques and materials to make the repairs unnoticeable. Not many technicians can do that. 

Our IICRC trained technicians are experts in carpet repair. They receive regular training to update their techniques. Specialised training, extensive experience and industry certification makes our experts the best in the industry.

Not Sure If We Can Repair Your Carpet?
Put Us To The Test!

If you think your carpet is doomed for the scrap heap, we have one thing to say to you: challenge accepted! We’d love to take a look at the damage and see whether it’s yet another chance for Reztor to save the day. 

Simply take a photo of the damaged carpet and attach it to our online request form. You can also email the picture to, and we will get back to you with a quote.

Can’t wait to see how we transform your damaged carpets?
Call us now for a free quote.

Any Damage, Any Carpet: We Can Reztor It!

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Just Because Your Carpet Is Scorched, It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Burn Money

To avoid damage, be careful not to let iron, cigarettes, hair-straighteners and curling irons burn your carpet. When you can’t be careful? Call Reztor. 

Burns are the most common type of damage we repair. We know it looks terrible, and the carpet fibres are probably melted, but even this extreme damage can be repaired.

Our technicians can cut out the affected area and patch it so precisely that you’ll hardly notice the difference. No spare carpet for the patch? Don’t worry; we know all the tricks of the trade. We can often source the carpet we need from the floor of a built-in wardrobe. But be warned: it’s a case of ‘don’t try this at home’ because carpet patching requires the skills and precision of an experienced carpet repair technician.

Ripples, Bumps And Wrinkles - Is
Your Carpet About to Lose Control?

In the industry, we call the many unsightly effects of loose carpet ‘buckling’. It can occur for many reasons, but the bottom line is the same: your carpet needs to be re-stretched. Proper stretching can transform wrinkly carpets into soft, seamless flooring. With the latest equipment, we’ll get your carpet looking great again. 

Reztor’s expert carpet repair team will use power-stretching to ensure the carpet is perfectly and evenly taut. Establishing proper contact with the underlay, your carpet will be supported, making
it more resilient. Not only will we fix those ripples, bumps and buckles – we’ll help you avoid buckling in the future.

carpet burn repair
carpet patch repair

Damaged Section? Our Repairs Will Soon Make You Forget There Was Ever An Issue

Our professional carpet cleaning services may be the best in the industry, but occasionally we meet our match. When carpet fibres are permanently damaged, it’s time to call in the specialist repair crew. 

Using a bonded insert or carpet patch, we use strong adhesives to bond the new piece in place and ensure it blends seamlessly. If we can source a good match, the replacement can look almost invisible. By expertly replacing your damaged carpet, we can save you a fortune.

Everything Is Not As It Seams

Carpet installers are like magicians: they are masters of illusion. They promised you wall to wall carpeting. The reality? Several smaller pieces of carpet fused at the seams to create the appearance of one piece of carpet. Once your jigsaw carpet is exposed to continual heavy traffic, seams will eventually come apart. 

But Reztor has a proven method of uniting your carpet and giving it the wall-to-wall look you expected. With a method called “buttering” the seams, we use a special latex-bonding agent to fuse seams back together. This cutting-edge technology uses radio waves to replace the seam.

carpet repair specialist

We Can’t Be Beaten On Service and Quality!

Send us an online enquiry with an attached photo of the carpet damage and if we can’t repair it, we’ll [some kind of offer here].

Put us to the test.




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