The leading causes of water damage in Australian homes

The leading causes of water damage in Australian homes are:

#1 – Burst flexible hoses 

A flexible hose is a plastic tube with a steel braid around it. As these hoses are pressurised, a failure of the hose can result in a significant amount of water suddenly entering the home, which can result in lengthy and expensive repairs. Flexible hoses are often used on mixer taps, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers. Plumbed fridges and water filters also use flexible hoses. Flexible hoses usually burst because they were damaged during installation, have suffered wear and tear, or household chemicals and cleaning agents have been stored nearby and have corroded the hose prematurely.

Reztor Recommends:

Employ a licensed plumber to change all flexible hoses within your home at least every 3-4 years.

#2 – Water damage by appliances 

Damage caused by water escaping from household appliances is also a common issue in homes. Overflowing sinks, faulty washing machines and dishwashers can cause serious damage to carpets and other household contents.

Reztor Recommends:

Keep up to date with regular maintenance and know where your shut-off valves are for the main water supply in case of an emergency.

#3 – Blocked gutters 

During heavy rainfall, problems occur due to blocked eaves and drain pipes which then back up and overflow down internal walls and cause water damage.

Reztor Recommends:

Inspect your roof periodically, especially after severe storms.

#4 – Blocked drains 

Blocked drains often occur after heavy rain or from tree roots or items like paper towels or foreign objects blocking drains. The result can be sewerage and stormwater backing up and then flowing out of the drainpipes causing damage within the property.

Reztor Recommends:

Regularly remove leaves and other debris from exterior drains to prevent water from backing up and coming into the home.