‘A flood in your home is the last thing you need!’

Reztor Restoration was created to meet the local need for quick, reliable and professional water damage restoration services. We offer emergency 24/7 response services and turn-key water damage restoration solutions to ensure our customers are never alone to deal with a disaster.

We are a human-first company, meaning we tackle every situation with empathy, honesty and transparency. At Reztor Restoration, we want to do everything possible to help the members of our community stay safe and thrive.

Flooding in Houses Happens More Often Than You Might Think!

When most people think of house floods, straightway, they think about a flood event caused by natural disaster – Lots and lots of rain, water levels rising, drains not being able to cope, and water rushing into their home.

Although this does happen, the main causes of flooding in homes are:

A burst pipe

A leaking dishwasher

A failed washing machine

A bathtub overflow

Rainwater entering the home.

If You Have Experienced a House or Unit Flood You Need Help and You Need It Fast!

The best thing that homeowners can do after they have had their house flood is to act quickly! At first, turn off the electricity (at the switchboard) to any areas within the home that might be affected and then once safe, stop the water supply!

What Can You Do To Help?

If you want to help with the cleanup process, the best thing you can do is remove your contents from the flooded area and remove the standing water with mops, bucks, and towels.

After That -> Call Reztor!

Realtor Restoration specialises in the cleanup and drying of flooded houses and units for the residential market. We are the people that will come to your home any time, day or night, help you move your furniture, remove the water, advise you on the required steps that you should take so that we prevent further damage, the property is completely dry, and mould growth does not develop. 

One Wrong Choice Could Cost You Thousands!
When Your Property Is At Risk, Fast & Efficient Isn’t Enough. You Need Precision, Transparency And Undeniable Expertise.

Selecting A Preferred Water Damage Restoration Company Is No Longer Just A Good Idea, It’s Essential

You will need more than professional cleaning! You need a water damage specialist company!

Every day we attend water damage events. Whether you have one room of wet carpet, water dripping from your ceiling or an entire flooded house, we can help! We know precisely what your insurance company needs from us and expects to make your insurance claim sun as smooth as possible.

We will take photos and document the flooding event. 

All work comes with an insurance report!

Within the report we will include:

Competitive pricing.

A list of the resultant damage caused by the flooding

A content manifest of all the non-restorable content items (if required)

The steps we have taken to rectify the water damage with documentation of moisture content within the materials.

A list of further actions that are required.

All Reztor Restoration technicians are:

Highly experienced in real-life disaster situations.

IICRC Certified and educated about water damage to the most rigorous standards.

Equipped with (and trained to use) state of the art house drying equipment.

Required to deliver the highest level of service possible.

Trained and specialised in every service need.

So call your insurer and let them know that you have appointed Reztor Restoration!