Emergency Burst Pipe - Immediate Action Required

It's vital to act quickly when a pipe bursts. Call Reztor Restoration ASAP for an expert to respond. We can handle any size of pipe, from a small leak to a major break.

Reztor Restoration understands that the process of dealing with an emergency is inconvenient, frustrating, and can be downright dangerous. That is why we offer 24-hour emergency burst pipe services, weekends included.

Reztor Restoration will send a technician to your home in no time to ensure proper response whenever you need it. This service ensures that you receive the attention you need as soon as possible.

Many types of emergencies require immediate attention. For example, they are often the cause of severe water damage to homes and businesses. Therefore, you must act quickly to get the help you need.

Reztor Restoration can respond quickly when an emergency arises. Our technicians are well experienced in handling any burst water pipe repair. Hence, we can fix the damage and restore your home or business to normal in no time. 

What To Do If You Encounter A Burst Pipe

If you are experiencing a burst pipe, follow these steps to minimise damage and restore your home or business. 

Turn off the water supply immediately.

That is the first step you must take to prevent more damage from being done. As soon as you realise there has been a burst pipe, switch off the water supply to stop further leaking. You can find the main water valve near your pipes, where they connect to the primary water source. That is usually placed near the water meter. 

Assess the damage.

The damage might not be immediately noticeable, especially if it has been raining or involved a burst pipe in the yard. However, be sure to look for signs such as water damage on your ceiling or floors and wet carpets. That will better help you determine whether you need professional help and how much damage has been done. 

Call Reztor Restoration.

After finding signs of a burst pipe, you can call Reztor Restoration for help. You can reach us at the first sign of a leaking pipe. You can do that by calling 1800 739 867 or visiting our contact page. We are available 24/7 to handle any burst pipe repair needs you may have.

Remove affected contents from the water.

Items that are particularly prone to water damage include papers, electronics, and furniture. If you have valuable items you wish to save, take them out right away.

If safe to do so, you should also remove as much of their contents from the floor as possible to make our team’s work easier. 

Wait for Reztor Restoration to arrive.

Once you have reached us, we will send one of our technicians to help you handle your water pipe issues. We are well experienced in dealing with any water pipe issues you may have.

While other firms offer burst pipe repair services, they cannot always meet your needs immediately after an urgent situation arises. Reztor Restoration can dispatch a technician quickly, as soon as you call us for help.

That is why Reztor Restoration has earned a reputation as a reliable emergency service provider. We can handle any burst pipe repairs you need. Thus, we can get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.

How To Prevent Future Pipe Problems

A burst water pipe repair is a serious matter. It can damage your home and cause severe disruptions in your life. Therefore, you should work to prevent such problems from happening again. Here are some steps to take:

Your pipes are most vulnerable to bursting when they are exposed to freezing temperatures or freezing rain. Therefore, pay attention to any warnings issued by the weather bureau. In addition, keep an eye on pipes that may be exposed to freezing temperatures. 

You can inspect your home's pipes at least once a year. That will help you identify problems as soon as they arise. As a result, you can take steps to fix them before they cause significant damage.

You should also inspect your piping system whenever you notice signs of leaks. Also, look for other issues, such as water hammering inside the walls or flushing toilets multiple times. 

A flexible plumbing hose is an item that is susceptible to bursting. You must avoid using flexible plumbing hoses because they are not designed for long periods.

They will eventually break, causing a leak in the piping system. In addition, flexible plumbing hoses might also get damaged from cold temperatures or freezing rain.

Therefore, you should not use these types of hoses in your house. Instead, you should invest in other durable items such as long-lasting pipes and durable connectors.

It would be best to have a shut-off valve near all primary water valves on your property. That will allow you to turn off the water supply quickly whenever a burst pipe requires emergency repair.

A pipe wrench must be adequately sized for the diameter of your pipes. You can buy a pipe wrench at any hardware store. Hence, It can assist you in fixing bursts and water leaks quickly and efficiently.

Give Reztor Restoration A Call!

Reztor Restoration has served homes and businesses for years. We have the expertise and experience to deal with any burst water pipe repair. The same goes for other similar emergencies that may arise in your home or business.

Call Reztor Restoration today to find out how we can help you restore normalcy as soon as possible.