We all recognise how troublesome it is to clean up a carpet. It’s even more challenging when the carpet’s in a room with furniture. However, there’s a way to kill two birds with one stone – get your furniture cleaned and keep your carpet looking new.

Gather the items you will need

Start by gathering a vacuum cleaner, blotting paper, carpet shampoo, and a handheld steamer. First, the vacuum cleaner will remove the loose dirt from the carpet, and you will need the blotting paper to soak up moisture. 

Next, the carpet shampoo will cleanse the carpet of stains and mildew. Finally, the handheld steamer is necessary for removing tough spots and stains by steaming them out.

Vacuum the carpet

Many people commit the mistake of leaving the vacuum cleaner running when they’re done vacuuming. Unfortunately, that exposes the carpet to unnecessary moisture, which can cause mould and mildew to grow. 

So, please put it on its lowest setting and let it sit for two or three minutes before turning it off. Don’t forget about the baseboards, window sills, and other crevices that could harbour dirt and debris.

Blot up the moisture

You can either lay the blotting paper directly on the carpet or put another piece of blotting paper over it. Then, take the vacuum cleaner back over it to suck up any excess moisture when you’re done blotting.

Make Sure all Stains are Removed

If the carpet is stained with food or make-up, you will need to get rid of them first before even trying to shampoo it. You can use a pre-treater that removes stains like blood or coffee, or you can use vinegar to remove the stains.

Give it some steam

Now for the fun part. You will need to attach the handheld steamer to a container filled with clean water or carpet shampoo. Then, use the steamer on the spots and stains left on your carpet. Start with your most soiled area, and then move onto another area only after you’re satisfied with how things are going in that area.

Finish the job

Once you’re finished with the steaming, use the vacuum to suck up any moisture that may be left behind on the carpet. Then, use a soft mop or let it dry out completely to eliminate any residual moisture from the steam itself.


Use Furniture Pads:

If you have any furniture on your carpet, use a pad between it and the floor to protect your carpet from excessive wear and tear. Putting a small piece of wood underneath your furniture can help, too.


Vacuum Frequently:

Run your vacuum at least once a week to keep your carpet healthy and looking its best. It’s much easier to clean up something if you catch it before it becomes a severe problem.


Natural Carpet Cleaner:

If you’re not satisfied with the performance of commercial carpet cleaners, mix half white vinegar with half water in a spray bottle and apply it to your carpet. Wait a minute, then vacuum the area. The vinegar will absorb the stains, and then you can vacuum up the vinegar as well.


Getting an old piece of furniture cleaning can be a daunting task. That’s why we thought we’d show you how easy it is to clean your carpet with furniture items in your home. Now, you can clean up your carpet and look great while doing it.