Insurance Providers Want Water Restoration Companies To Cut Their Costs?

Don’t let the term “Preferred Contractor” give you a false sense of security. You want your restoration company’s loyalty to lie with you – not the insurance companies.

When disaster strikes, you want to get your home or property back to normal ASAP. Water damage can be truly devastating, and the sooner you take action, the better. But don’t immediately jump on board with your insurance provider’s favourite restoration company.

If you do, you might end up dealing with these issues too:

Improper “Minimized” Restoration 

To make insurance companies happy with the lowered cost, you might end up missing recommended upgrades or repairs.

Feeling Like Just Another Number

Preferred contractors of insurance companies have a constant flow of work, so they don’t have to prove their worth to you.

Subpar Make-Safe & Workmanship

A “preferred” restoration company might not be based on merit but relationship, meaning you won’t have the best work done on your property.


At Reztor Restoration, You Are Our Top Priority!

Our experts assess every angle of the situation, so you and your property get top-notch care!

Transparent Planning

You’ll watch your situation go from nightmare to cake-walk thanks to our 100% transparent and easy-to-understand planning.

Diligent Testing

You’ll always see the proof behind what we tell you because our expert technicians conduct precision testing all along the way.

Friendly Servicing

You’ll wonder why you ever considered another restoration company after talking to our friendly, always-there for-you staff.

You can feel confident knowing our expertise is unmatched!

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