The Right Emergency Plumber Can Save The Day

When a plumbing emergency arises, it’s essential to be able to contact an expert. Here at Reztor Restoration, we specialise in all types of plumbing emergencies.

You’ll find that everything from water leaks to drain repairs is much easier with a trusted partner by your side. We’ll be there with the right plumbing equipment and proper skills to get the work done.

Our team will be there for you at any time of day. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So if a plumbing emergency happens in the middle of the night or some other time when you need help fast, we’ll still be there for you.

Reztor Restoration - The Closest Thing Your Block Has To A Plumber

When water starts pouring out of your pipes, you’re in for a whole lot of trouble. The worst part is that you don’t know why the water is coming out. But, on the other hand, you know that it’s all over your house and that there must be a problem somewhere.

Reztor Restoration understands the devastating effects of water damage. We know how costly it can be to fix the problem and how frustrating it can be to manage. We’re here to aid you along the way. 

When To Know It's Time To Call An Emergency Plumber?

Here are some reasons you may need to call us:

Leaking Pipes

When a pipe starts to leak, you'll notice a small amount of water at first. But over time, this will increase. So it's not uncommon for a small leak to turn into a big disaster in just a couple of days.

A Flood In Your Basement

That's right; it happens more often than you think. For example, if a pipe bursts or your toilet overflows, you need to deal with the problem immediately. Otherwise, the water will spread to other areas of your house.

No Hot Water

When your hot water system stops working, you'll have no choice but to call a plumber. The only thing that you have to do is to hire one of the most reliable plumbers around. We're here to take care of everything for you.

Leaking Faucets And Sinks

The most common cause for this problem is a leaky faucet. That is a major problem, and you shouldn't wait to call a plumber right away. When your sink is leaking, there's a good chance that it will cause water damage.

Gas Leaks

If you notice an unusual smell like sewer gas, propane, or hydrogen sulphide, there might be a gas leak in your house. Most often, it happens when the gas line gets busted or damaged. So hiring the right plumber is very important for this situation.

Gas Fitting Repairs

When you have a gas line, the last thing that you want is to have a gas fitting repair. That can be a long and stressful process. And if you don't hire an expert plumber, there's a good chance it will cause more problems.

Bathroom Plumbing Issues

It is a common issue and can be caused by problems with the drain or the toilet itself. Either way, there will be water leaking on the floor and the walls of the bathroom. It is dangerous for your floor and walls.

Other Types Of Water Damage

Other types of water damage include floods, pipe cracks, frozen pipes, and drain problems. When these types of water damage occur, you'll need to call a professional plumber immediately.

There is no reason for people to avoid calling an emergency plumber because they think it will be too expensive. But Reztor Restoration can help you find something that fits into your budget.

Here's Why You Can Count On Us For Your Plumbing Emergency

We’ve been in the industry for years now. We’ve had time to learn all about plumbing and become experts at what we do. Our expertise is at your service every day so that you can rely on our quality service. 

We have the latest equipment that is suitable for the needs of any plumbing emergency. We use only the best products and use them in a time-efficient manner to solve your problem. 

We’re happy to help you when and where you need it. Whether during regular weekdays or public holidays, we can be there for you whenever you call us. So don’t worry about having to wait around until the next day to solve your problem. 

We have a no-nonsense pricing policy. Whatever the job is, we’ll give you a fair price. Whether it’s a small or a complex job, we are flexible and can work within your budget. We’ll never overcharge you for anything, so don’t hesitate to call us for help. 

Our plumbers understand that they’re not there to solve problems; they’re there to put them back together again. So you can expect our plumbers to act professionally and give you the service that you need. 

We’re committed to providing friendly, professional service for every job. Whether it’s a big or small job, we’ll comfortably work with you. We make sure that our customers never feel intimidated during the whole process.

You’ll find that we’re always available for you no matter what time of day it is. If something happens at midnight, we’re here for you. We’ll dispatch a certified plumber to your home or business as quickly as possible. 

There are three types of water: clean water, greywater, and black water. It matters to identify the type of water you are dealing with to properly assess the type of damage it could potentially cause and the necessary equipment that should be used accordingly.

What’s even better is Reztor Restoration is a specialist water damage restoration company. This means we have water extraction equipment so that we can help remove the freestanding water in your property after the flooding. 

Once all the water is removed, it is imperative that your property is dried or you may experience mould. Reztor trained and certified in the art of structural drying and can ensure that your property is dried so that you do not experience any further damage.

So if you ever need to call an emergency plumber, Reztor Restoration is the #1 company to call first.

Areas We Service For Emergency Plumbing

Reztor Restoration provides emergency plumbing services for many areas in Queensland, Australia. Here’s a shortlist of the places we cover:



Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast

Moreton Bay Region

Redland Bay


Logan City



So wherever you live in those areas, Reztor Restoration can help you with your plumbing emergency. It doesn't matter if it's a small or a large job, we can handle it for you.

It’s easy to see why we’re among the best plumbers in Brisbane. So if you have ever needed a reliable plumber, give us a call.

Our Team Is Ready To Assist You At Any Time

Our team at Reztor Restoration is always ready to help you with a plumbing emergency. We know that our jobs are critical, and it’s our job to make sure you get the best service possible. Expect nothing less than professionalism at Reztor Restoration.

We know that your life is important enough to be taken care of by experienced professionals. So call us at any time of the day or night if you need an emergency plumber in Brisbane.

We can handle any plumbing issue that you may have because we have a thoroughly trained and experienced team available to you. We offer emergency plumbing services for residential and commercial clients in Queensland, Australia. We provide 24/7 service for both types of clients.